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When you have a website and marketing that works, the door for growth

is Wide Open.

Integrated. Functional.

We’re all about making your ideas happen.

For the last 18 years, we’ve helped businesses just like yours achieve their wildest technology goals. Our tight-knit team custom builds software, apps, and systems that make your business stronger. Not only that, but we offer marketing services that take your company to the next level, while also making your life easier.

Wide Open Tech | Wilmington NC

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How does it work?


Bring us your business ideas, problems, challenges, and dreams.


Our tight knit team of experts becomes your team of experts, advising you on the most effective, efficient solution.


Our team constructs, implements and maintains your amazing new technology or marketing plan.

“Great Team!”

Great team to work with. Have yet to throw something their way they can’t handle.

“Beyond Expertise!”

“As challenges came up, they brought additional people into the mix, adding further expertise, beyond the initial team.”

“Right on Budget!”

“Listened to my needs and built me the platform I needed, right on budget.”


“…Understands the programming and logic behind our site, so they can come up with ways of making our goals happen.”

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We’re A Clutch Leader

We’re A Clutch Leader

With 15+ years in the business, we’re honored to win the top developer award for North Carolina, making us official Clutch leaders!

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