America’s Mattress

America’s Mattress is the largest widespread seller of Serta Mattresses and accessories online with franchised stores spread all over the nation.

America’s Mattress came to us with the problem that they wanted to be able to direct users to a new site where they can learn more about starting their own America’s Mattress store and be able to submit an application to start a store. They wanted it to be simple, modern, and easy for the user to get all the information they need. Check out what we did for them below or view their site.

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, UI/UX

The challenge.

We created a modern informational website with an application form to connect users to all the imformation they need. We went with using WordPress because America’s Mattress wanted to be able to add users who could go in and change certain fields to update the site as they wished.

Responsive Design.

America’s Mattress wanted their site to be mobile friendly so users could easily check out the site and submit an application while on the go. Because we used Bootstrap as the HTML, CSS, and JS framework for this project it made developing a responsive mobile first web site fast and easy.

UI/UX Design.

We implemented mobile-check ins so users can access the web app anywhere, integrated a Leadership Planning Agenda, LMS, and peer-to-peer feedback features as well as an international invoicing system with Stripe so Performance Culture customers could sign-up with ease.

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