The Real Beer Babes – Authentically Diverse Craft Beer Advertising

Jan 17, 2017 | Digital Marketing

Beer marketing & advertising – let’s reflect on this for a minute. Wouldn’t it be ideal to expand your brewery’s appeal to different types of people outside of what the general population considers to be the typical craft beer drinker? Take it from me, white males aren’t the only ones who savor a couple double IPAs. 

When it’s time to create effective beer advertising as part of your brewery’s digital marketing strategy,  you gotta know the key demographics, characteristics, purchase behaviors, and media consumption trends of the target audience you’re trying to reach. As you probably already know, that audience includes beer-drinking women who’d rather pick up a pint than sip on a sweet cocktail.

This Brewers Association article makes a good point about the shift in beer advertising:

Most in the beer community would agree that beer is about being social and connecting people, and that alienating half of your potential customers is short-sighted. Before the 1990s, which saw the rise of both the Internet and the popularity of microbrewed beer, sexism-based advertising was prevalent….vocal consumers are forcing many brands in many industries to grow a conscience. Integrity is the metaphorical yardstick for the average craft brewer and beer lover.” – Julia Hertz, Craft Beer Program Director, Brewers Association

Yes, that article was written by a woman…but what she’s saying is mostly true. Sexism still exists in beer ads à la Bud Light’s display of Lady Gaga in a crop top twirling around in a dive bar, but this is probably slightly more appealing to women than a babe holding a pitcher of overflowing beer with her hair being blown by a wind machine. 

Authentic Beer Ads

beer advertising

For regional craft breweries and microbreweries, authenticity is definitely the right approach. People pay attention to authenticity. Ads that are content-driven and non-promotional will likely increase your brewery’s brand recall. Try to throw some real, high quality photography of your employees and customers into your content calendars. Speaking of which, do you have a content strategy for your brewery? The task can be daunting given the constant evolution of social media and digital media platforms. How do you make your brewery’s content resonate with people in the blink of an eye? This may be a good time to refer back to Julia’s point about what beer is all about: being social and connecting people on a deeper level. That’s pretty much what the best beer “advertising” should do too, and fast.

Essentially, your brewery’s ads should be a strong, true reflection of your brand values and key product differentiators that resonate with the gals just as much as the guys.


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