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Wide Open Tech | Featured on Clutch

Wide Open Tech | Featured on Clutch

Wide Open Technologies is a small team that’s proud to support small businesses. In our offices, we believe that the close-knit nature of our company leads to not only a higher quality of services for our customers, but a better environment for our employees. We know...
My Dream Terminal

My Dream Terminal

I like having pretty things, so obviously I want a pretty terminal. I most often use the terminal to navigate git repositories, so I want my terminal to tell me what repository I’m in and what branch I’m on without me having to ask it through the...

Useful Database Migration Tools

Let’s talk about database migration tools for a sec. When migrating a database driven site from a development domain to production domain, you will almost always have the need to do some kind of search and replace on the site database. A common example is...

Adding Sass to your Gruntfile

Sass is great for so many reasons. One being that their logo looks like it belongs in an 80s fashion ad. But more importantly, it’s a great tool for organizing your project’s styles. It stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets and I think it lives up...