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Brewfully. The Local Beer Pre-Order App (Small Batches + Special Releases)

Mel Beasley | Wide Open Tech

Mel Beasley, Marketing Director

Mar 17, 2017

With over 7 years of experience in marketing and creative writing, Mel has worked on high-level marketing campaigns for major brands like Audioengine USA, and his writing has appeared in encore magazine.

Have you heard of the new web app, Brewfully? It’s where you go to pre-order beer online and pick it up in the taproom after each batch is released. Think small batches, special can and bottle releases, and even beer mashups from breweries who like to co-create together.

It’s one of the web apps we’ve been dreaming about so we decided to make it a reality.

Our favorite way to brainstorm, chat, and enjoy each other’s company is over a pint at one of our local breweries either in Wilmington or Asheville, NC (where our offices are located) so we thought it’d be cool to design and develop a digital platform that enabled breweries to easily get more people to try their small batch brews.

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Our team of web designers and developers want to bring more unique beer styles and flavors to people so no one will miss out on trying a new batch. That was the genesis of Brewfully and we hope breweries in Wilmington, Asheville, and around the country will explore the app to see how it can elevate their craft.

To see a live beer batch in action, go to and check out Wilmington Brewing Company’s The Goblin Queen Raspberry Saison, now available to pre-order on Brewfully. We’ve already put in our orders, have you?



Read more about what Brewfully does here. And what Port City Daily said about it here.


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