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My Dream Terminal

My Dream Terminal

I like having pretty things, so obviously I want a pretty terminal. I most often use the terminal to navigate git repositories, so I want my terminal to tell me what repository I’m in and what branch I’m on without me having to ask it through the...

Adding Sass to your Gruntfile

Sass is great for so many reasons. One being that their logo looks like it belongs in an 80s fashion ad. But more importantly, it’s a great tool for organizing your project’s styles. It stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets and I think it lives up...
Magento Re-Indexing Strategy

Magento Re-Indexing Strategy

When working with clients using Magento you’ll inevitably get an email saying the ‘our search isn’t working’ or ‘the changes I made to products this morning aren’t showing on the frontend’. In most cases, especially with the search failing, the issue can be traced...