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Connected Investors

Connected Investors is a social platform that consolidates the fragmented real estate investing industry. Designed to help real estate investors around the world connect with each other, investment properties, funding sources, and more under one virtual roof.

Connected Investors came to us with an existing website needing a system overhaul. They needed a functional social platform with data collecting capabilities that was also user friendly.

Responsively Designed HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, WordPress, UI/UX, 3rd Party Data Integrations (API)

The Solution.

We built a social platform that allows investors to connect with each other, search for properties, find funding, and get connected with a suite of apps. Utilizing custom business logic and analytics we are able to monitor conversations, properties, funding, and provide an update to date dashboard with custom content management tools to make sure the site is always up to date.

Real Time Data Integration.

Utilizing real time data integration, were able to provide an extensive up to date inventory of investment properties nationwide. Response design makes the interface accessible on all devices and a powerful search algorithm makes finding properties a snap. Easily start a conversation, make an offer, or add a property to your watch list. With Connected Investors, you’re in control of your investment properties, funding, and network!

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