Modern Marketing: Conversion Tracking Softwares

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Digital Marketing

Millennial advancements in the use of social media and digital mediums have opened up a valuable site for marketing to take place; however, it is often difficult to see if these advertisements are well received and worthwhile as you expand your verticals. In order to be rewarding, the advertisements must be efficient in their conversion rates versus their cost per click.

With this in mind, conversion tracking software is a necessity in an era in which bigger and better technology often dictates the success of your business ventures. But given the large variety of softwares available, picking the right service can be a struggle, especially with limited knowledge of the right options To help out the many hesitant customers out there, here are a few well known and used tracking softwares.

improvely conversion tracking

Used by agencies and companies such as Make-A-Wish,, Shiply, and Short Stack, Improvely offers a wide variety of services to manage your online marketing. Click Fraud protection, low customer acquisition costs, and built-in A/B split testing allow you to get the most out of the advertisements you have invested in, whether on Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else you advertise online. The software also has the added feature of building profiles for each customer that visits your site, as well as in depth customizable settings for how you see the search traffic and conversion rates, and tracking pixel generation.

linktrackr conversion tracking

With an easy to use interface and simple tracking link development, LinkTrackr allows WordPress plugin integration as well as a custom domain URL. The system also sends weekly reports of your campaigns, allowing you to stay up to date even when it’s not the first thing on your mind. Servicing users on high traffic sites like Facebook and Google, LinkTrackr works on a subscription basis.

clickmeter conversion tracking

ClickMeter boasts high tier subscribers such as AT&T, Amazon BuyVIP, and L’Oréal. They offer various features that track, analyze, and develop your marketing endeavors, and support agencies, affiliates, advertisers, and publishers with different tailored options for each. Easily shared with clients, the software also monitors fraud and targets customers with the best potential conversion rates.


Choosing the right software is all about knowing what you need and picking a service that caters to those needs. You need to take into account how much traffic you anticipate having, the customization you want with the data you receive, and the length of time in which you plan to keep the service. There are plenty of good options you can decide upon. Personally, my experience with Improvely has been nothing but good, with a straightforward display of the information I need, as well as an extensive availability of customization options. Good luck in selecting your own system, while remembering to to keep your true necessities in mind.

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