Local Wilmington-Based Tech Company Launches Food Truck and Event Tracker

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Custom Software

Local Wilmington-Based Tech Company Launches Food Truck and Event Tracker

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Wide Open Tech | Mel Beasley

Written by Mel Beasley

October 27, 2020

Earlier this month, we launched our beta version of a new web-based application called Food Truck Track, designed to help the community more easily find their favorite food trucks and events around town. Like search engines, users can type in the name of a food truck to find its location or search with broader terms to find something new to try.

Food Truck Track | Wilmington NC
Food Truck Track | Wilmington NC

Food trucks can be difficult to locate and often must rely on foot traffic for business. Food Truck Track uses geolocation technology to allow customers to find food trucks near them more easily or to follow their favorite food truck. Customers win by having a quick reference to the many food options available while food trucks and hosting venues win by the increased traffic and visibility.” – Scott Haeger, the lead developer on the project.

The site is entirely free to use for both customers and businesses. Food truck and venue owners are encouraged to go to the website and claim their business listing, allowing them to update events and locations directly to the platform. 

Regarding the creation of the platform, Wide Open Tech’s CEO said, “Our whole team enjoys many different local food trucks and venues, so it didn’t take long for us to see the challenges that come when any of us try to find one but can’t.” 

Food Truck Track | Wilmington NC

Food Truck Track helps users find local food trucks and events in Wilmington, NC, and is completely free to use.

What can Food Truck Track do?

  • Food Trucks: Users can search for food trucks in their area, find upcoming dates of where they will be in the future and access all social media profiles and the business’s official website right from the Food Truck Track website.
  • Venues: Users can search for venues around town, learn about upcoming events in the local area, and see what food trucks are serving throughout the week


  • Businesses: It’s completely free to use and manage your account. Businesses can claim their listings and access a dashboard to manage their upcoming events, social profiles, and other information directly on Food Truck Track.
  • Perks: Food Truck Track does marketing for its platform, which means all the businesses will automatically boost visibility in their area without spending a dime on marketing. The search algorithm is designed to populate the food trucks and venues most likely to interest the user based on their search!

Future Plans for the Platform

Since launching October 8, the platform has expanded to Asheville, NC, and plans to continue to grow its user-base across North Carolina and beyond. In the coming months, they hope to get more businesses using Food Truck Track by claiming their business listing. The company encourages users’ feedback and expects to release more exciting perks in the coming months that will stimulate local businesses who use the site. 

Some popular local food trucks and venues already using Food Truck Track include Wheelz Pizza, Cheese Smith Co, Alcove Beer Garden, Mad Mole, and more!

Food Truck Track | Wilmington NC
Food Truck Track | Wilmington NC
Food Truck Track | Wilmington NC
Food Truck Track | Wilmington NC

About Wide Open Tech

We’re a full-service agency offering custom web development and a robust suite of marketing services to businesses locally and nationally. Centered between S 16th Street and Queen Street on Hutchison Lane, their office is situated proudly within the Cargo District. They have been in business for 15+ years, and some of their clients include Clean Eatz, 101 Mobility, America’s Mattress, KidoKinetics, and more!

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