How To Increase Web Conversions To Generate Leads

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Digital Marketing

America’s Mattress is a nationwide, specialty sleep shop run by some pretty awesome and forward-thinking folks (big things are coming from these guys)! Mattresses are a hot topic these days, and we’re currently working on building their digital content library, redesigning their e-commerce site, as well as launching their brand’s official social media accounts. They reached out to Wide Open Tech for effective UI/UX strategies to increase web conversions in the form of lead generations on their new biz dev site. We wanted to help grow their business, so we got to work on optimizing the user’s experience. Here’s a short-list of strategic upgrades Wide Open Tech designed and implemented:

  • prominent display of dealer testimonial videos and indexing them so users could easily jump to a portion of the video in which they were most interested
  • clearer and more relevant call to actions and strategic placement of buttons
  • dealer benefits infographic to quickly convey key selling points
  • time triggered “Learn More” banner as another engagement tactic
  • more relevant and compelling imagery

With a few quick, simple, and affordable updates America’s Mattress has increased their lead generations to a record number to date. Results. We love them. Connect with us if your brand needs a digital boost.

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