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Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure

The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) is the hub of a unique community of organizations and individuals involved in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure. Based in Washington, DC, their nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization was created for a single purpose: to develop and maintain a sustainability rating system for all civil infrastructure.

To further their mission, they also provide Envision at no cost to the infrastructure community. They train individuals in its use, after which they can earn the ENV SP credential, and they also offer a project verification and award program.

ISI had an antiquated system that did not fulfill their needs as a whole. They had different software to accomplish different aspects of their business that were not integrated. They wanted one web based admin panel to handle all aspects of their scoring system, online and in person trainings, exam tests and results, credentialing, and awards. There were also numerous different levels of permissions that had to be taken into account as to which level the customer was as they move their project through verification.

Frontend Development, Backend Development, eLearning, Yii 1

The Solution.

Wide Open used Yii1 to build ISI a one stop, web based application for all of their needs. We custom built the system in place of different softwares so all the moving pieces worked flawlessly together. The scoring system was custom built with three levels of permissions for the different levels to see only certain and relevant information. We took their e-learning modules that were originally created for a third party e-learning system, and integrated those courses into our custom learning solution which flowed right into the exam with exam results. Lastly we created an invoicing (integrated with Stripe) and credentialing/award system that allowed the users to pay and be immediately given their award to move forward with their sustainability project.

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