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North Carolina Museum of Art

Beginning in 1924, the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) serves the people of North Carolina and all visitors as a premier destination for compelling encounters with art.

The NCMA came to us with a website with many issues, the most obvious of which was that it didn’t communicate the great number of things going on at the museum everyday. As with most museum websites, the complexity of the various levels of navigation becomes a challenge as you dig deeper into the site. Along with this, one of the biggest challenges that the NCMA faced was that their various sites and services were spread out on multiple servers. This made things hard to manage and added unnecessary costs.

PHP, MySQL, Javascript, SASS, Expression Engine, and GIT

The Solution.

We instilled multiple new processes to update their site. Cleaning up and consolidating the code really helped NCMA improve their page load speeds. We made drastic changes to the navigation and hierarchy of the site to help streamline the content displayed. We also improved the search functionality on the site, which helps users locate their desired content. As well as working with their blog, we re-engineered the Expression Engine channel structure, and consolidated and organized NCMA’s resources.

UI/UX strategies were designed and implemented to drive museum donations and newsletter subscribers.

With responsive design, the interface is accessible on all devices, allowing the museum’s site to be seen anytime, any place.

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