Wide Open Tech Launches Express Websites For Small Businesses

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Digital Marketing, News, Web Design

As a small business or a startup company, you’re likely all too familiar with what it’s like juggling your cash flow–what with day-to-day operational costs, labor costs, and marketing expenses. When budgets are tight, often the first items pushed down the list are the websites and digital marketing services. However, foregoing a professional website and a tailored digital marketing plan can mean the difference between the success or failure of your business.

In order to help small businesses and startups get the high quality web presence they need to truly succeed, our creative team at Wide Open Tech spent the greater part of this year developing Express Websites for small businesses, an affordable way to get a professional website, hosting, and local SEO fast, while paying over the course of a 12-month period. 

“Over the last 20 years Wide Open Tech has been making advanced, enterprise-level custom software solutions available to small and medium-sized companies,” said Jespert Powell, the CEO of Wide Open Tech. “So it just made sense to make sure that enterprise-level websites and SEO are available to the little guys too.”

While the website and SEO packages offered by Express Websites are separate from the offerings provided by Wide Open Tech, the brand inhabits the same processes, values, and expertise. Those interested in signing up for an Express Websites package will have the option to select from hundreds of website templates built on WordPress, which the Wide Open Tech team can then use as the building blocks for an entire website that’s fully responsive on all devices. From there, users can sign up for a hosting and SEO plan that includes meta description optimizations, keyword implementation, schema markup, and other technical SEO items that are essential to ranking higher in Google. 

Unlike traditional website and marketing packages that bill up front, Express Websites builds and launches your website usually within 30 days*, as well as kicks off your SEO strategy long before you’ve even paid for the services in full. Rather than large lump-sum payments, clients can make 12 monthly payments that bill automatically each month, and once they reach the end of their term, they can choose to continue with additional marketing services, or drop down to a maintenance and hosting package. 

“I’m constantly approached by entrepreneurs with amazing ideas,” said Mel Beasley, Director of Marketing at Wide Open Tech. “The primary inhibiting factor these entrepreneurs face is lack of budget to get things kicked off. I’m really proud to be a part of an offering like this that can really propel new businesses forward and give them a fighting chance.”

To view the full plan details for Express Websites, you can visit the plan details on the official website. Interested parties can either sign up directly on the website, which will result in a phone call from the Express Websites team shortly thereafter. You can also call Express Websites to speak with a representative who can talk you through the signup process. 

Note that launch times are dependent upon client feedback/approval.*

Please read all the terms of agreement carefully before signing up.*

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